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Welcome to Gaps for Grumpies! If you’re under 40 read no further (unless you want to treat your mum or your dad).

Gaps for Grumpies is here to offer you a fantastic life experience. You can make a significant contribution to the developing world-and have a marvellous holiday. All in eight weeks or less!

The Project
In 2010 we will be running 2,4 and 6 week projects in two countries in Africa-Ghana and Tanzania. There are also opportunities for grumpies to join projects run by our partner, Madventurer, in seven other countries worldwide.

There are a wide range of community development projects run and you may do a variety of activities. You could be reading English to primary school children in the morning and painting their classroom in the afternoon. Click here for example in Ghana

During this period you will live in the village in fairly basic but secure accommodation, eating locally prepared food. Compared to your life at home it will be a fairly spartan existence but volunteers get used to it very quickly and enjoy very much being part of the community; and there is always the opportunity for a bit of luxury at weekends!

You will usually be working in a group of between 5 and 12 volunteers. If we have more than 4 grumpies booked then it will probably be a grumpy-only project otherwise it will be a mix of ages.

The Holiday
Many grumpies want to make the most of Africa and take a holiday after the project. The following weeks can be quite a contrast. You have the option of a whole range of holidays starting in the country where the project is based from as short as 6 days to as long as 11 weeks (Absolute Africa) with varying degrees of luxury. Where and What?

Those who go to Ghana, for instance, will travel overland to Timbuktu in Mali via Burkino Faso with air conditioned vehicles most of the way visiting the slave castles on the Ghanaian coast and nature reserves on route (for full itinerary click here) or a more luxorious 8 day tour of Ghana.

Some will just want to do the development work but we expect most Grumpies to have the holiday too. Some (maybe partners of those on projects) might just want to take the holiday, which is fine by us.

We provide constant support
We will support you before you leave with comprehensive information packs and, of course, by answering any questions you might have. On the first evening we will provide a detailed briefing and our staff will be on hand in the village throughout your project; you will have a courier with you throughout the three week quality holiday.

But are you really a Grumpy?
As well as a commitment to make a real contribution you will have that spark, that desire to be heard that marks out a Grumpy. You are too old for night clubbing (Peter Stringfellow – no need to apply) but a long way from that stair lift. You don’t want the comfort of SAGA and you would never say ‘that’s a nice cardigan in the window’.

Do you pass? Then contact us or sign up now!


You may have seen Mike, who started gaps for grumpies, on Television.

He has had a number of cameo appearances as the Grumpy father or Grumpy husband on the TV series Grumpy Old Women and Grumpy Old Holidays.

He is married to Judith Holder who wrote and produced both the programmes and as such is a fully paid up grumpy.

Before he set up Gaps for Grumpies he was Director General of Nexus, the Passenger Transport Executive in the North East who among other things operate the Tyne and Wear Metro.

He threw care to the wind,sent his suits to Oxfam and started the Gaps for Grumpies venture claiming the concept of gaps for the over 40`s arose from grumpily wondering why should just the students have "the lifetime experiences" How come they get all the fun?

Mike And Judith

Mike and Judith in Grumpy mode from 'Grumpy Old Holidays'

Mike And John

Mike meets John Lawler, who was made a fully fledged Ghanaian chief as a result of his work in Ghana, at the launch of GapsforGrumpies.com

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